What is a typical lesson with Global Zone Japan?

We test speaking, listening, reading and writing. 

1) Conversation - 25/50 minute conversation lesson via Skype. (testing speaking and listening).
Our teaching leader Mr. David will chat with the student using selected topics online (student chooses suitable topic) and Mr. David will write out what the student is saying via the chat box in Skype or Zoom in more natural English.
More natural feeling => After a busy day, I often enjoy a cold glass of wine and I can unwind/wind down. (unwind = relax and release stress).
More natural sentence => My Twitter account blew up due to the Japan Times writing an article about me. (blow/blew up = become very popular).
Mr. David posing before one of his lessons. Quality of video and sound is very important to us.

2) Homework - After each lesson, we will give you a stimulating homework. (testing reading and writing). When finished, kindly send it back to us.
Mr. David will choose a theme agreed with the student such as Women in the workplace or Workplace ethics etc. We have hundreds of topics with many key words in English and Japanese. Example of a theme => These women are answering the following question, Should women work after marriage? (First read the article), then write your opinion. We will check your writing. Q) Should woman work after marriage? Student Answer => Woman should work after marriage because to have the job is the have the good life and be safe. Woman shouldn't rely on a man or anybody. More natural => I believe woman have a right to work after marriage as they want to have a place to feel safe and earn money. Without relying on a sole income, women can be independent and have a better life for their children. OR, Example of a reading article => Article on Vietnam and their education system using English Read the article above, if it is your preference to learn about Vietnam, we shall choose online topics for you. And you can write about it.

3) English writing check - Extra step, including in the package deals. (more advanced reading and writing). Write any English topics you choose up to A4 paper size and send to Mr. David at Global Zone Japan, and he will return it back to you with natural English expressions. Example 1 => Letter from a client, we shall make it sound much more natural, and what a Native English person would write. Example 2 => Writing about your desired topic / science / business etc. And we shall check it for you and make sure it is natural and error free.

Of course, we can study towards TOEIC, TOEFL, Eiken, IELTs etc. The textbooks we use for Business English are mostly Market Leader (elementary, pre-intermediate intermediate and advanced). Alternatively, we can choose a specialised area such as accounting (we have accounting topics), medicine (we have medical topics) etc. Or simple build your confidence and English level towards an overseas trip you have planned! We focus on natural English and have lots of selected online topics to choose from, suited for any age, level and personality.