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Global Zone Japan is a brand new online English school for professionals in and around Japan. We focus on business English online, in a relaxed and professional setting using Skype or Zoom. Our honourable teacher Mr. David is from North England in the UK, near Manchester, he is in his 30's and has over 10 years experience teaching. He speaks clearly with a British accent and very familiar with English in a global setting. He knows well about various cultures especially the Japanese culture and language. His specialities are business English (including human resources, accounting, sales and the medical field).

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Our main mission => To improve the level of English of professionals in and around Japan in a warm, fun and friendly way.

Our service => To teach English and/or support your career in Japan. 

Our Cost => First lesson (trial) is FREE.
After your trial;

  • 1 lesson 25 minutes is 1500yen. 
  • 1 lesson 50 minutes is 2800yen.
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